Investing in Antiques

Professional investors and astute individuals alike, are now beginning to wake up and realise that buying antiques is not only an enjoyable and fascinating way to invest surplus capital but also a perfect way to diversify any investment portfolio.

Unlike traditional forms of capital investment, such as the Stock Market, ISA's, Bonds, Unit Trusts or Bank/Building Society deposits, buying antiques and as an investment means you personally own and hold your item, to enjoy on a daily basis. You also incur no annual management fees nor other hidden charges sometimes associated with investment products.

Now we are not suggesting for one moment, you run off to liquidate all your investment holdings and plough the contents into antiques. But it does make sound sense to consider all potential avenues when it comes to formulating your own medium to long term investment strategy.

Owning objects of great beauty improves the appearance of your home or office and collecting inevitably becomes a wonderful and interesting lifelong passion. They should also be viewed as appreciating assets which are usually very easy to liquidate when you tire or them or have an urgent need of cash.

If bought correctly, Antiques can be a less volatile way of investing money for the future.


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