Now, see this geezer on the left, you can have his head for fifty million quid, ha ha



Investing in Art

Investing in art sounds so civilised. Perusing the catalogues of the country's best-known auction houses, looking for your own personal masterpiece, or hunting through flea markets in the hope of hidden treasures. But is it really possible to take home a work of art that might later make you rich?

But the world of art is not an easy one for amateurs to navigate. For one thing, it's immense, and knowing what you are looking for can be incredibly difficult, even for the experts.

Getting to grips with artists, with movements, with genres and periods is one part of the problem, and becoming competent at knowing what you're looking at can take a very long time.

And it's not just the artists you need to get to know. The subject matter is key to a painting's, or indeed photo's, value. A brilliantly painted portrait of the artist's wife, for example, could not rival a less impressive portrait of Winston Churchill in terms of value.


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