Our lives depend on commodities yet most are too afraid to invest in them. Whereas growth stocks and property are considered safe investments, the mere mention of the word 'commodities' creates tremendous fear amongst the public.

We are all totally dependent on commodities, full stop. Everybody needs food and clothing to survive as well as energy to go about the business of living. When raw materials are in great demand and supplies are extremely tight, commodities make headlines all over the world as prices soar. Now, we are witnessing another such time. The new bull-market is here, but it is not in financial assets (stocks and shares); it is in commodities.

History is dotted with massive bull-markets in commodities, which occurred regularly. In fact, over the past 200 years, we had five major booms in natural resources. The shortest boom lasted 15 years, and the longest one continued for 40 years. The current bull-market started in 2001 when commodities (adjusted for inflation) were the cheapest they had ever been. So, this bull-market is still an infant as far as commodity bull-markets go with the potential to become the grand daddy of all bull-markets.

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