Foreign currency exchange (FOREX) has become quite a popular form of investing, especially with the popularity of the internet. Unlike securities trading, there is no need to pay a brokerage fee or have a stockbroker to handle your trading needs. For those who have never ventured into the world of investing in any of the markets because of a fear of failure, currency trading may be appealing to you.

Unlike other forms of trading, currency trading doesn't depend as much upon the way other exchanges are operating; it operates independently of the global stock exchanges. It does not have any connections to the FTSE or DOW averages nor do the fluctuations in the securities markets affect the FOREX market. That doesn't mean that the market is not subject to highs and lows, but it is less volatile than the stockmarket that relies solely on the buying and selling of various securities, which in turn are linked to the profitability of the companies that are issuing the securities. The stockmarket, especially, is very fickle and is influenced by such environmental issues as companies entering into mergers, especially unfriendly mergers, and the publicity surrounding any bad deals as was evidenced several years ago with the Enron scandal.

Currency trading, on the other hand, fluctuates because of the price of various currencies that are in use throughout the world and are in direct comparison to the strength of the United States dollar. When the United States economy is doing well, and the value of the dollar is up, other currencies are valued likewise, and the FOREX market does well. Thus, currency trading is a safer investment plan: currency trading is far less volatile than the stock exchange.

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